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Together we are Rijeka!

Dear fans and Rijeka citizens,

When in 1926 Unione Sportiva Fiumana, which eventually grew into the club we have today, was founded, football on Kvarner became an inescapable sports activity. The foundations for the creation of the club, which would grow into an indispensable part of Rijeka, were laid out. Today, Croatian Football Club Rijeka is the pride of numerous generations of Rijeka’s inhabitants. It is a Club which has produced great players and, more importantly through its Academy, collected people who today proudly say that they were once Rijeka’s players.

In its long history, since the precursors of Fiumana which Kvarner (the Club’s name after its foundation) succeeded as the most significant club in the city, football was an indispensable part of all events. Brilliant achievements were noted in the second half of the previous century: the establishment of a stable first-league football club, the affirmation of the names on the football map of Europe, and results were achieved which will forever hold a special place in the Club’s history. Winning the Yugoslav Cup, winning the Balkans Cup, and triumphing with the famous victory against Real Madrid are some of the moments which left an indelible mark on the pages of the Club’s history, giving us an obligation and privilege to continue building the Club on all levels in order to make it closer to European football.

All the most beautiful sports stories start with the first step from the centre of a field.

We are witnesses to the qualitative achievements, which arrived before even we expected or planned. This is a confirmation of quality work and the efforts of the sports collective, professional staff, and all the Club’s departments. All recent successes are the results of an excellent working atmosphere created in the community spirit. Our future goal is to maintain this continuity through professional work and the efficient organisation of the Club, which guarantees the stability of Rijeka and the foundation of this new ambition. The Club’s Management will continue to unreservedly persist in the expansion of the Academy and continuing responsible work with children. The Club’s Academy is the future of HNK Rijeka and broadens the meaning of the sporting and social activities of the strongest club in the region. The investment in the development of players and the professional coaching staff from the domestic Academy is a long-term and strategic objective of the Club, and all investments are focused on its implementation. This is primarily related to the construction of the training camp - a sports complex, which will create optimal working conditions and improve football development for young footballers, along with additional selection based on which the best young football players in Croatia will come to our Academy. Along with the development of sports, the Club’s strategy is that all the members of the Academy are systematically monitored through all activities, that they graduate from high school, and that everyone’s quality development is enabled through pedagogical engagement within the Club.

The plan to lift the functioning of Rijeka to a higher level, both in terms of sports and through the influence of the Club on the social life of the city and region, has been fully realized. Like never before, the Club has approached the citizens, affirming the value of sports and football. We recruited new fans and provided more meaningful leisure time for young people. The love towards their club is an unbreakable bond for every fan, and membership is one of the ways in which the commitment to their club is shown. The great recognition for all that was done is shown in the number of the Club’s members, which is growing every day and of which we are very proud. However, it is also our obligation, along with the results on a field, to provide in return a number of benefits in the future by involving regional businessmen.

We are aware that there is still a long road ahead of us, including significant investments into logistics and stadium infrastructure. However, all the most beautiful sports stories start with the first step from the centre of a field. Therefore, a strong sports collective with a future in Europe needs partners with a visionary zeal. Thank you for your involvement and cooperation in making Rijeka a champion.

Damir Mišković, board president

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Basic info
FULL NAME Croatian football club Rijeka s.d.d.
HONOURS 1 Croatian league
6 Croatian Cup
2 Jugoslavian Cup
1 Croatian Supercup
1 Balkan Cup
HEAD COACH Goran Tomić
ADRESS Rujevica 10, 51000 Rijeka
TEL +385 51 261 622
FAX +385 51 261 174
OIB 38726608831


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