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The love for one's club is an unbreakable bond for every fan, and a membership is one of the ways to demonstrate the commitment to the club. You can become part of the CFC Rijeka family. Live with us through the moments and be with us in order to create a club that, because of its way of playing, its structure, and its fans, will be appreciated in Europe.

Become a member because…

  • The members of CFC Rijeka have pre-emption rights to buy tickets and ticket packages for UEFA Europa League matches
  • There is a special cash desk for the members (the opportunity to purchase up to two tickets for Prva NHL, Cup and UEFA Europa League)
  • You will have access to the exclusive content on the Club's website.
  • The members of CFC Rijeka have a discount on purchases in FAN shop
  • Discounts at the sponsors points of sale and partners of CFC Rijeka
  • Free access to events organized for the members of CFC Rijeka

How to become a member of CFC Rijeka?

  • By filling out the application form which you can get on the Club's premises  and by bringing the confirmation of the annual membership payment
  • Making a membership card does NOT require a photo
  • Annual membership fee: HRK 100
  • Children under 14 years of age have a 50% discount on the annual membership fee

Basic informations

HNK Rijeka s.d.d.
Portić 3, 51000 Rijeka
MB 3344975
OIB 38726608831
IBAN HR3224020061100134749

Additional informations


TEL +385 (0)51 612-044
+385 (0)51 612-044

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