Kvarnerska rivijera - CONTEST RULES


1. Croatian Football Club "Rijeka" is the organizer of the 60th Junior International Football Tournament “Kvarnerska rivijera 2012".

2. Tournament shall be held from May 28th 2012 - June 3th 2012.

3. Sixteen (16) teams shall participate on the Tournament.


4. During qualification matches the teams are disposed in four (4) groups of four (4) teams. All matches in groups shall be played under the single point score system – each team against each one.

Winning match brings three (3) points and ending in a raw brings one (1) point.


According to the official Tournament program matches shall be held in various fields in various places of Kvarnerska rivijera and Istra and that:


1st ROUND, Monday, May 28th 2012

2nd ROUND, Tuesday, May 29th 2012

3rd ROUND , Wednesday, May 30th 2012

a.) Two winner teams (1st and 2nd) in their groups are entitled to compete in quarter - finals of the Tournament. The winner teams are the ones, which gains the best scores.

If two or more teams gain the same score, the priority goes to the team that in reciprocal match gains better score, but if the reciprocal match ends a draw, the winner is the team that has higher difference in score of given and received goals.

In case of the same difference the advantage goes to the team that scores more goals. In case that all teams are in the same position in all the above-mentioned cases, the winner team shall be drawn lots.


5. Matches of the finals among the group winning teams shall be held on the following dates:

QUARTER – FINALS, Friday, June 1st 2012

SEMI – FINALS, Saturday, June 2nd 2012

FINALS: Sunday, June 3th 2012


If some of the matches of the Quarter – finals, semi - finals or finals ends in draw, decision is to start with five shots from the point of the penalty kick. If again there is no winner the shoots continue until scored goal that determinates the winner.


6. Each team by turns is entitled to make five (5) penalty kicks, each kick another player. Drawn lots will decide which team is to start the penalty kick. Only players that were in a match until the end of a regular time, i.e. 2 x 40 minutes of the match, are entitled to penalty kicks. The winner is the team that after five (5) shoots scores more goals. If, after five (5) shoots from the points of the penalty kick, both teams score the same points, the other players, by tournament, continue with one (1) penalty kick, until the final winning score.


7. On the matches on the Tournament can take part players as follows:

- born on January 1st 1993 and later

- Maximum three (3) players born in 1992.

All the players participating on the Tournament have to enter in a list for the team they are playing for with their Football Association.

8. All players besides their membership card have to poses an identity card or passport. These documents are to identify the players who play for the respective teams on the Tournament.

9. For matches each team can register at most twenty (20) players. Before commence of the match, the teams have to pass the following papers to the delegate of the football match:

   A) List of players

   B) Sport membership card

   C) Identity card or passport for the foreign players


The list should contain:

          - First the family name

          - Date, month and year of birth

The authorized person of the team should sign the list.

10. During the match mostly five (5) players can be replaced.


11. Each match lasts 2 x 40 minutes without extra time.

12. Teams have to be on the field exactly on time determinate by the official Tournament program.

Possible non-participation would be considered as giving up from playing and the points will be scored as the lost match (without any play) 3:0.


13. Referees and linesmen for all matches determinate the "Committee of the Football Referees of Croatian Football Federation".


14. With one (1) match off shall be penalized player after receiving red card on the match. By one (1) match off shall be penalized the player with two (2) public cautions / (yellow card).  Excluded player (red card) for serious offence can be penalized with more rigid penalty based on the decision of Disciplinary Referee appointed by the Tournament Commission. Penalty in all three cases refers to stay off the match on the first next match of the Tournament.


15. The complaint can be lodged only in the cases mentioned in the items 7, 8, 1o and 14 of the Tournament Rules.

No complaint can be logged against the referee decision except when there is a real break of the Football Rules, and Ruling of the "International Board", that is regulated in the article 76 of the Book of Rules of the  Football Contest of  Croatian Football Federation. The Tournament Commission shall arbitrate the complaint. The Tournament Commission decision is final.


 16. Tournament Commission is managed by five (5) members:

- One member - representative of the Croatian Football Federation –Mr. Branko Kajfes

- One member - representative of the Primorsko-goranska  County Football Federation – Rijeka branch: - Mr. Marijan Brncic

- One member - representative of the football referees – Mr. Ivan Peraic

- Two members - representatives of the team that is the Tournament organizer- Mr. Zvjezdan Radin and Mr. Ivan Kocijancic

The teams that accept participation on the Tournament are obliged to obey the Tournament Commission Decisions.

17. If on the Tournament comes up a case that has not been seen by the Rules, the Tournament Commission is authorized to make an interpretation that should be considered as an amendment to the Rules.


18. The organizing team shall pay the costs of the participants as follows (A and B):

A.)  Costs of full accommodation and food for twenty five (25) persons

B.) Possible costs of transfer from the hotel to the field and back to the hotel if it is necessary because of a distance.

All participants pay the travelling costs up to the place they are playing and return ones to their origin localities.


19. All the teams that participate have to arrive on places they are playing according previously defined accommodation, on Sunday May 27th 2012., in the afternoon.


20.  All the teams that do not qualify themselves for the quarter - finals leave their places on Thursday, May 31st 2012., in the morning, after breakfast.

All the teams that do not qualify themselves for the semi - finals leave their places on Saturday, June 2nd 2012., in the morning, after breakfast

The teams that leave later than this item of the Rules regulated it shall pay all the possible costs of accommodation and food for that period.


22. The Tournament organizer will not assume any responsibility for possible injuries of the players occurred during matches. Teams are obliged to insure their players from various possible injuries and accidents.

The organizer does not assume costs for the player’s medical treatment.


23. The matches shall be played upon the rules of International Football Association Board – IFAB, Issue 1997.