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HNK Rijeka – tickets for Europa League qualifying rounds

Next Thursday, 8 August, HNK Rijeka is going to compete in the Europa League qualifiers. Tickets for the match will go on sale on 02/08, but for the period from 02/08 to 06/08, sales will be reserved for 2019/20 season ticket holders only.

You can buy tickets online at -

Open ticket sales are scheduled for Wednesday and Thursday (07/08 and 08/08).

On Wednesday, ticket booths will be open from 11.00 to 19.00. On Thursday, ticket booths on the West side will be open until 15.00, while those on the East side will be open until 18.00.

For all information related to ticket sales, call us at 051 563 640 or email us at

Ticket prices for the Europa League qualifying round match are listed in the table



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