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Starting this Friday, HNK Rijeka is owned by Teanna limited

On Friday, Teanna limited and Social Sport signed the legal documents that completed the takeover of HNK Rijeka.
All necessary conditions for signing over full managerial responsibility of the Club to Damir Mišković, Chairman of HNK Rijeka, have been formally met after the City Council of the City of Rijeka relinquished its right of pre-emption at a recent meeting at the suggestion of Mayor Vojko Obersnel.

- We would like to thank Mr. Volpi and Social Sport for their support over the past five years. Today, with this takeover agreement, Social Sport has signed over the management of HNK Rijeka to Teanna limited. The process of changing ownership will be officially completed after the Office for Sport issues administrative approval, said Damir Mišković, who has been serving as Rijeka’s Chairman since 2012. takeover

Ever since Damir Mišković and Social Sport arrived, many problems the Club has been facing for years have been resolved: finances and the Club’s structure have been sorted, the football camp on Rujevica was built; in short, HNK Rijeka has been revived to the elation of all of its fans.

Considering all of HNK Rijeka’s historical successes under the leadership of Mišković, this move is a guarantee that Rijeka’s first league club will remain atop Croatian football.

HNK Rijeka u vlasništvu Teanna limited (8)

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