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1. Team : MAXtv first division : 9. Round
Igor Bišćan is no longer the manager of Rijeka

Igor Bišćan is no longer the manager of Rijeka. After the match against Istra 1961, Bišćan thanked everyone for the collaboration and resigned as the manager of the Rijeka first league club.

- “I’d like to thank everyone who believed in us and Damir Mišković for the trust. I’d also like to thank my co-workers and the players. I wish the Club the best of luck and hope the new manager is someone who cares about the Club as much as I do”, said Igor Bišćan during his farewell.
Bišćan took over the Rijeka manager position in October 2018, after the resignation of Matjaž Kek, who achieved historical success with Rijeka.

Bišćan has also left his mark in only a short time, winning second place in the Croatian championship and taking down favourite Dinamo in the Croatian Football Cup, bringing another trophy home to Rijeka.

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