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Luka Ivančić is the new Managing Director of HNK Rijeka

Aside from locker room changes, which are expected for this time of the year, a major change has occurred in the administrative sector of the club: Luka Ivančić, who until now served as the Management Consultant, will replace Vlado Čohar as the Club’s Managing Director.

- Before I take on this challenging role, I would like to personally thank Vlado for being a team player and for the effort he put into helping HNK Rijeka achieve the status and reach the level it has today. Since we worked closely together, I know that I will pick up where Vlado left off with the same enthusiasm because we’ve always had the same goal: to make HNK Rijeka a well put together and successful football club and working collective. I am also certain that we will all continue working together, as we have thus far, and that I will receive support from all of my colleagues. I would like to thank the Club’s owners and management for putting their trust in me. I am going to justify it every day through my work, said Luka Ivančić.

The Club would, of course, like to thank Vlado Čohar for the contributions that he made and wish him success in his career. Regardless of his departure, Vlado Čohar remains one of the creators of the Club’s recent success and, as such, the Club’s doors will always remain open to him.

-Above all, I feel the need to thank Damir Mišković who provided me with this opportunity and supported and encouraged me wholeheartedly in my work throughout the years. I would also like to thank all of my associates from the Club’s sports and administrative sectors whose joint effort helped achieve goals that were deemed impossible six years ago. It’s impossible to describe in a single sentence the positive energy that pushed us forward. I will always carry this amazing experience with me, said Vlado Čohar.

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