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1. Team : MAXtv first division : 24. Round
Rijeka – Lokomotiva 3:1

HNK Rijeka beat Lokomotiva 3:1 in the 24th round of Croatian championship.

Rijeka took the lead in the 23rd minute when Heber headed home after a corner from Grahovac and a touch from Čolak.

Lokomotiva equalized after the corner in the 40th minute when Majstorović fired home from inside the penalty box.

Rijeka managed to secure the win in the second half when Čolak (76') and Kvržić (90') were on target.

Rijeka – Lokomotiva 3:1 (33)
Rijeka – Lokomotiva 3:1 (sažetak, 24. kolo)
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