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1. Team : MAXtv first division : 35. Round
Rijeka beats Cibalia and wins the first championship title in their history

Rijeka is the champion of Croatia! For the first time in Club history, Rijeka has won the Croatian championship title. When Ante Vučemilović signalled the end of the match, Rujevica exploded.

Tears of joy streamed down the faces of everyone in the stadium, as if no one could believe that this lifelong dream had become a reality. The image said more than words possibly could.

A victory against Cibalia would be imperative for Rijeka to take the title (4:0), and two quick goals by Mario Gavranović in the 11th and 15th minutes quickly brought Rijeka to the brink of their first title.

This championship title belongs to everyone who, during recent decades, invested a part of themselves in the Club. It belongs to chairman Damir Mišković who regenerated the Club with his arrival, the players who played phenomenally throughout the season, manager Matjaž Kek and his coaching staff, and everyone working for the Club.

This title belongs to the fans, all of those people who were lucky enough to obtain a valuable ticket and witness the creation of Rijeka football history in person, all of those who anxiously watched on their TVs at home, all of those who have Rijeka in their hearts, whether they live in Rijeka or whether life took them to another part of the world.

The title belongs to all the fans that came to Kantrida many decades ago, all of those who left Kantrida crying on 26 May 1996, all the younger generations which are slowly coming of age, and our youngest fans who wholeheartedly cheer for Rijeka.

The title belongs to Armada who spectacularly celebrated its 30th birthday this year, to all of those who got wet at away matches when Rijeka was fighting to stay in the league, when no one was asking for extra tickets, the ones who remained in good times and the bad, going through all the ups and downs with the Club.

A big thank you to everyone whose heart beats for Rijeka!

May 21, 2017 will be written in the history of Rijeka football in golden letters – the day when Rijeka became champions of Croatia!

Rijeka – Cibalia 4:0 (31)
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