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Rijeka hosts Tino Popović – the young fan gets to watch his favourite club

On Saturday, Tino Popović was the special guest of HNK Rijeka at the match against Cibalia. Eight year old Tino is a big Rijeka fan and he really proved it during his visit to Belgrade.

There, the Prime minister of Serbia Aleksandar Vučić asked Tino which football team he supports and Tino’s answer was – Rijeka! Tino did not hesitate even after he was encouraged to support another club.

On Saturday he was the special guest of the Rijeka and Matej Jelić and Simon Sluga, along with the chairman Damir Mišković, greeted Tino in the presidential skybox, giving him a jersey with signatures of Rijeka first-team players.

There is no need to point out how much this gesture meant to the little fan – one of many from the new generation who will live, breathe, and cheer for Rijeka for a very long time!

HNK Rijeka ugostio Tina Popovića (5)

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